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Ranking in Google isn’t really that hard at all when you know what you’re doing, the problem is that most people have no clue how to even get started.

Well getting started is the easy part, which involves setting up a solid onpage SEO foundation.

After that it becomes a little bit tricky as that’s where the links come in, below I outline in a bit more detail what we do exactly to increase your rankings in Google so that you know what you’re starting at.

1. Keyword research

Probably you already know what you want to rank for, but it can be beneficial to launch up some keyword research tools anyway as there is a lot of low hanging fruit with a ton of commercial value that you might be missing out on.

For a local business perhaps not so much but people involved in affiliate marketing leave a lot of money making keywords untouched.

That’s where we come into play to make you aware of those keywords. This might result in some content expansion but it will be well worth it.

2. Onpage SEO / Onsite SEO

A well structured website is half the work, most people solely focus on onpage SEO while leaving the onsite SEO (site structure, pageload speed, bounce rate) untouched. We will provide you a list of actionable tasks to bring your website in top condition from an SEO point of view.

In case you’ll get overwhelmed by our lists of tasks we can also execute it for you at a modest more price.

To get a bit of an idea about your current website performance click this link, and submit your website, wait a few seconds and download the PDF.

Ths website auditor isn’t everything though as it only analyzes on page level. That’s why we look at your site by our selves, to make sure we don’t miss out on any crucial factors.

3. Offpage SEO aka Link building

Your keyword research can be great, your onsite SEO may rock, but without links you won’t show up in Google, or at least not at the first page.

That’s obvious not so strange as there are dozens if not hundreds of websites competing for the first page so that’s where links come into play.

We build links at sites that are 100% owned by us, high quality sites that stand the test of time.

When you sign up for our basic subscription we build links at our entry level sites, these are basic blogs with a lot of backlink power to move you up fast. Nothing fancy here but tremendous strength to rank in the most efficient way.

Our premium monthly subscription service offers a bit more, here you receive links on the best domains we have in our arsenal, in terms of strength and quality. We carefully selected the writers that write the content for these sites and all of them are either from the US or the UK.

With our elite service we go even further by setting up your very own private blog network, dedicated solely to you so that you don’t have to share any link juice. That explains the much higher price as solid domains don’t come cheap. However in the end it’s worth it as your rankings will be more stable than ever!

Are you ready?

View our subscription plans below or get in touch with us so we can take away your doubts.

  • Standard
  • Onpage SEO Report
  • Site Analysis
  • Basic Keyword Research
  • Standard Blog Placements
  • $179/mo
  • Premium
  • Onpage SEO Report + Actionable List
  • In-Depth Site Analysis
  • Premium Keyword Research
  • Premium Blog Placements
  • $369/mo
  • Elite
  • Onpage SEO – Done For You
  • In-Depth Site Analysis + Modifications
  • Advanced KW Research + Competitor Analysis
  • 100% Whitehat Linkbuilding
  • $899/mo