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Why you should choose SEO Service Group

Thousands of page one rankings

SEO Service Group has earned it stripes by achieving 1000’s of page one rankings in only three years that they’ve been active in the digital marketing space.

Personal results

The owner of SEO Service Group and his business partner own nearly a hundred affiliate sites that generate a six figure revenue per month.

Largest private blog network

Our network consists of 500 privately owned websites hosted on 100+ different shared hosting plans. No niche is too tough for us to crack.

SEO For Dummies

Google, the best converting traffic source on the planet!

We are great at what we do

SEO (Search engine optimization) is in our blood, a long term passion that keeps us busy day in, day out. Always aiming to improve where ever we can, not just for you but also for ourselves, after all we have a huge portfolio of Amazon affiliate sites that bring in big bucks and we like to keep it that way 😉

Our specialization

Search engine optimization
Content writing
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Web Design / Development

Core Services

  • Search Engine Optimization

    To achieve high rankings in Google and other search engines you first need to get the basics right, afterall onpage SEO is the foundation that you build your web presence on. Once that’s in place we will acquire links to rank you on the top of the SERP’s. Starting at only $169/month.

  • Content Writing

    Did you know that we run our own content marketplace? Our web developers have been busy for months to setup a content platform where the best writers and clients come together to help each other out!

  • Content Marketing

    Is content marketing the hype of 2015? If you read all the bloggers it definitely seems so. However this is a hype to stay, content marketing builds trust and that’s exactly what your visitors need to do business with you. We can get you published on big news outlets like the Huffington posts and many others.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, that’s where you find your customers these days. Tired of almost non stop engaging with your followers and making status update after status update? Let us take care of that, for this we partner with a company that’s heavily specialized in social media marketing so they take care of your account better than no other!

  • Web Design / Development

    Time for a new website? In 2015 you really can’t present yourself with a 2005 website anymore. Clients demand quality to be at it’s highest level these days. For custom ecommerce solutions or plugin development you’re on the right address as well. We’ve established a partnership with one of the largest developing companies in India with a US management team to take care of all your needs.

What people who have worked with us have to say

I have tried niks Gold Package. The keyword I am targeting is of medium competition and it was on page 7 before. After just two weeks, it’s at the top of page 2. It’s a TOP NOTCH service. I would definitely use his services for my other keywords. Highly recommended.


I’ve been working with this company for 3 weeks now. He has been constantly in email contact (both with advise and telling me what’s going on). My hardest to rank kw’s have gone from page 2 to no.1, page 1 and no.2 page 1 in three weeks.

Nick Gillespie

Dennis is Simply Awesome!! – I only met him on this thread like couple weeks back and I can saw he is my best asset at the moment.

I stopped google ads and fb ads! I have bought other plugins, link gigs etc, but never had any ROI. I saw results in less than a week, from 41 to 7 in 5 days!

Rajeev KistoCEO

In my view this guy really does deliver he is by far the best seo guy I have used (tried 4 others in the past they just gave slow results and were more expensive). One of things I like about this chap is that he is remarkably honest and will not deceive you. Lastly his rates are superb very low indeed yet another major plus.